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Below is a summary of, how it works, and the details of how we partner with you to capture guests who are already in wine country to fill your same day, next day, and second day tour/tasting/event reservations.

WINEBOOKINGS.COM is offered by Authentic Wine Country, a family-owned and operated business which has twelve years experience in guest/travel services. Founded in San Francisco, we have built our business model around a superior customer experience. Our booking engine/itineraries and customer service are award-winning Magellan Travel Award (2010, 2011 and 2012). We bring that experience to the Napa and Sonoma Valleys with our custom trips and tours that include accommodations, transportation, tastings/pairings, activities, group events, and VIP guest services.

LAUNCH: is planned for launch in May, 2013.

WHAT IS IT? is an in-destination mobile website/booking tool designed to bring you more visitors; it is device-friendly (desktop, iPad, smart phones); Guests, Concierges, Hospitality Managers and Event Planners can use it as a resource, and as a fast, easy booking tool for the best places to visit in Wine Country.


As a Resource for Guests and the Hospitality Trade
  • Guests, Concierges, and anyone in the world can access on their device (or computer). As you know, visitors increasingly use their mobile phone and iPads while traveling, and rely on those devices heavily for managing many aspects of their trip, including local searches and online purchase of activities. Once on the site, Guests (or Concierges, Hospitality Managers, etc.) can view winery tours/tastings/pairings, chauffeured tours, fun activities, high-end luxury excursions and more. The tours will be offered in several different searchable categories like Location, Times Available, and Genre  (Wine/Food, Inspired/Hidden Gems/Local Faves, etc.).

7-Day Booking Tool – What’s Going on Today, Tomorrow & this Week.

  • Because this is an in-destination booking tool (guests are already in Wine Country), they will be able to access Same Day, Tomorrow, and this week’s reservations. (So, they could book an afternoon wine tasting for today at your winery, for example, if you are offering one, and have an opening). Or, they could book a tour/tasting for tomorrow…or the next day. It all depends on how you would like us to offer your activities, which days, which times, etc.
  • The Guest chooses their tour/activity, and purchases the reservation. Authentic Wine Country then makes the reservation with you, and pre-pays that guest’s visit (via credit card or direct billing arrangement)
  • The Guest receives a confirmation and shows up at your winery or activity, pre-paid and ready to enjoy the tour, taste the wine…they are now in your capable hands!


  • Weekday tours, new events, or any activities that you would like to attract more visitors to can be listed on
  • You can offer activities on any days of the week, and at any times. If you need 24 hour notice, we will program that into the system. Need 48 hours notice for a wine/food pairing? We’re happy to offer that option.  Want to offer only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays? We can do that.
  • We process the payment, make the reservation with you, confirm with the guest. Many if not most of the offerings even include a transportation option for the Guest. All these details save your staff lots of time.


We will list your tours/activities at the price you tell us. Guests will pay your full price. All we ask in return is that our payment back to you be at an industry rate of 20% off. So, for example, if your Wine Pairing is offered on to guests at $50, we pay you $40 for that reservation.

In return for that discounted rate to us, Authentic Wine Country is promoting your winery, your tours, and the Napa & SonomaValley to people from all over and specifically to guests already here, ready to explore wine country. We cover the marketing costs, set up costs, merchant fees for accepting payment, and we are helping you fill last minute reservations.


DOWNLOAD our simple 1-page Form.

Describe Activity/ Offer:

  • Fill out one form per activity
  • If you’d like to offer three wine pairings at different days/times/prices, please fill out and send back three forms.
  • Please include as much information as possible, the more details, the better! If you will be offering same day reservations, please be sure to include a contact person we can call/email each morning (or evening prior) to receive your information for that day.

Email your completed forms:

What Happen Next?

  • We will enter your offerings into our database and booking engine.
  • Once finished, we will send you a link so you can view your listings, and give us any corrections, changes, etc.
  • Once we get final approval from you, we will list you on WINEBOOKINGS.COM! If at any time you want to change, remove, or add to your listing, just send us an email or give us a call.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us:

Located in Napa?
Please contact our Napa representative below:

Elaine Lucia
Tel: 707-696-9404

Located in Sonoma?
Please contact our Sonoma representative below:

Kirsten Jones
Tel: 707-758-4725

Located in San Francisco?
Please contact our San Francisco representative below:

Harold E. Jones, Director of Business Development
Tel: 707 -758-4287

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