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Each one of us has special dreams we bring to the table when we’re talking about a California Wine Vacation.  Fortunately, most of them can become a reality. 

There is wine tasting all year, winter barrel tasting, new bottles of wine at wineries from summer to fall, and then the harvest crush and festivals.  Vertical tastings, library tastings, food and wine pairingsWinery tours of every sort plus music, art and theater at wineries. Family and dog friendly venues as well as romantic getaways.

There are plenty of other spectacular diversions and discoveries in California wine country.  The redwoods, kayaking the Russian River, exploring the Pacific Ocean, and hiking the otherworldly golden, rolling hills of incomparable beauty.  Lush lavender and wild mustard growing next to Sauvignon Blanc in June.

The cuisine… Fresh, local, experimental, and world-renowned.  Wine country is a foodie’s dream from down-home delights to fashionable fusion. When deciding what you want to do, make sure you leave plenty of time to explore the land, people and the history.

Walk the hills. Keep your eye out for a red-tailed hawk soaring over vineyards and blue herons coasting above the River. A terrific California wine vacation includes talking to the locals.  That’s where you’ll hear the stories, legends and gossip that you’ll take home with you.

An authentic wine country vacation is about wine.  But, it’s more than that.  It’s about the land, free-spirited people, immigrants and history that’s made this region one of the most fascinating and desirable vacation destinations in the world.

And remember, in wine country it’s all about the joy