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What do you call an area with mud that’s famous around the world and has fabulous wine to boot?  California wine country.  (That one was easy.)

Some of the best wines in the world come out of Napa and Sonoma because of the volcanic ash in the soil.  When mixed with water, that mud is an irresistible combo for wine and humans alike.

A millennia or so ago, Mount St. Helena spewed volcanic drama all over what is now wine country.  The result is a mixture of volcanic soil with river silt, a recipe for wine and mineral baths that nature designed on a very good day indeed.

Mineral baths
are created by hot water that is still bubbling just beneath the earth’s surface.  It’s no surprise that some of the world’s finest and most unique resorts offering spa treatments are in California’s wine country.  There are still funky places in North Sonoma County—Harbin Hot Springs, clothes optional—comes to mind.  In other words, you have an entire spectrum of mineral baths and experiences to choose from.

Here we must also mention Mendocino County’s Vichy Hot Springs.  This was a favorite spot of Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt and other notables of the past and present.

Should you opt for decorum, and leave the Harbin Hot Springs route behind, you will truly find spa heaven in wine country.  Massages with volcanic mud, steam, and aromatherapy.  Immersion in red wine skins.  Think of any spa treatment you’ve heard of and add world-famous hot mineral springs and wine.  Heaven!

In West Sonoma County, if you’re looking for a Zen spa experience, check out Osmosis with full immersion in cedar chips.  The chips and your body conspire to create the heat that will leave you feeling like a happily wet noodle.  And there are also the Meditation Gardens.

For an authentic wine country experience, get into the bones of our earth—the warm and healing mud.
It’s all about rejuvenation!

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