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The word “paradise” is derived from a Persian word meaning ‘walled garden’ or ‘place of bliss’.  Many people feel experiencing Sonoma County, from the Valley of the Moon to the tip of the Alexander Valley, is a taste of Paradise. We agree.

Do you want sumptuous picnics by the Russian River or Bodega Bay, joyous girlfriend travel, or off-the-beaten path walks, discovering Sonoma’s hidden gems?  How about revving up romance, a once-in-lifetime family vacation, or uncovering Indian art and history with local experts?  Perhaps it’s time to immerse yourself in sacred sites that nourish your soul, and spas that nurture your body?  Or, consider Sonoma for terrific LGBT locales, ideal wedding and honeymoon venues, a raucous festival or two, world-class restaurants, cozy hotels, and the best wine tasting in the world.

Authentic Wine Country says, “Experience the land and listen to her voice. Who knows what the next sensational discovery in Sonoma County will be?”

Check out our Wine Country Experiences.  Play with them, mix and match, and then let us make your travels into wine country your own.  An Authentic Wine Country experience is limited only by your imagination!