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Each of these packages will be designed as truly unique wine country packages.   We will customize each one of these options for you to fit within your budget and your goals of your incentive program.  Below is a sample of the different types of packages we can offer you.  Below you’ll find three tiers of travel incentives we can create for your company.  The possibilities are endless and we have the resources and imagination to make any event extraordinary!

  • OPTION 1: Private Wine and Food Experiences & Touring

    Ideal for 2 – 4 people

    Used as a rewards package.  We will customize luxury food & wine packages that your company can use as part of their rewards programs for top employees.  These packages will be available on request basis and therefore no money is required up front. You only pay for this program when your employee chooses this package and is ready to book their dates. We can also include accommodation as part of these packages if you’d like to make a 2 – 3 day package available.   Please note that any of our leisure touring options can be used as a rewards package.  Please view our wine country packages for more details on our comprehensive packages.

  • OPTION 2: Small Group Events

    Themed Events offered to a select number of people.
    Ideal for 10 – 30 people

    These will be custom events offered to a small select group. These events would be customized to best suit your requirements. As this program is designed for a small number of people, we can offer these events as a multi-venue experience traveling between several locations.  For example, the afternoon could be spent engaging in exclusive wine tastings at private estates followed by a unique culinary experience and ending the day with an evening gala dinner. Other possibilities include blind tastings, wine blendings, winemaker dinners, cooking demonstrations, bicycling through vineyards, Wine Trolley tours and many more!

  • OPTION 3: Large Events

    Events suitable for 30 – 200 people

    We can create custom unique events for large groups traveling to the wine country.  Each program is individually designed to meet your objectives within your allotted budget and executed by our team of professionals ensuring a successful event.

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The possibilities are endless and we have the resources and imagination to make any event extraordinary!