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Planning a Napa Valley Vacation?  Most people are overwhelmed with the sheer number of wineries and activities available in the Napa Valley.  We’ve singled out the Top 5 Things to Do in Napa.

1. Take a Wine Tour 

Let’s face it, wine is the reason you’ve chosen the Napa Valley for your upcoming vacation.  You love good wine and relish the thought of so much good wine being available to you.  The easiest way to sample fine Napa wine is to take a wine tour. Leave the driving to someone else so you can fully enjoy yourself without fighting over who will be the designated driver.  Depending on your budget, we recommend either a private chauffeur tour or join a small group tour. Prepare to pay on average $90/hour for a private chauffeur or $100 per person for the day to join a group tour.

2. Ride the Napa Valley Wine Train 

All aboard! You’ll wind through the Napa Valley while enjoying a gourmet lunch in a beautifully restored Pullman dining car.  Along the way, the train disembarks for a wine tour at Grgich winery.  A small, private winery, this intimate wine tasting is what Napa Valley is all about.  Enjoy dessert and coffee back on the train as you return to Napa.

3. Take a Wine Cave Tour

You’ll find some unique cave tours in Napa, from touring the oldest Napa caves dug by hand in the 1800s by Chinese immigrants to contemporary caves fitted out to satisfy urban décor styles. But our favorite is the Venetain cave tour & tasting. Voted the #1 tasting experience by wine critics from around the world, this estate winery and caves in St. Helena (the heart of Napa County), is a sumptuous location. An homage to the family’s roots in Venice, the caves are lined with Italian marble and ancient tiles depicting the history of wine. It is not only a tribute to glorious wine, it reflects the intention to live in a beautiful world. The winery itself is a gracious work of art. With up to 45 different wines for your host to choose from, your experience is completely customized. Amazing is the only descriptive word. You’ll taste approximately eight wines taken from a variety of barrels. When you leave the caves, you will be offered a selection of cheese & house-made salumi, cured by the resident chef, accompanied by dark chocolate completes the tasting. Fine wine, spectacular architecture, music, and food merge into delicious joy. We are honored to arrange this extraordinary wine and food lover’s experience for you.

4. Tour an Olive Mill

Our recommended olive mill tour & tasting is a family-owned and operated estate located in the spectacular olive grove in the Rutherford Region of the Napa Valley. Their orchards, vineyards and gardens are treated with love, work and respect. Whether you’re a true foodie, or simply someone who enjoys tasting the unusual, take a break from the winery circuit and indulge in our unique and friendly olive mill tour. Open your senses. These olive oils and wine vinegars are amazing. You’ll learn about cultivating olives, the harvest and the history, and take a tour of the estate mill. Now, you’re ready to immerse yourself in the freshest olive oils, wine vinegars, artisan breads and cheeses, and organic produce. Everything you taste will come from their vineyards, orchards, mill, and winery. And, it is all a reflection of passion and care for the land and its bounty. Enjoy!

5. Visit Oxbow Market

Located in downtown Napa, we suggest a walk to the Oxbow Market to indulge in every taste the Napa Valley has to offer Whether you want to pick out treats for a picnic, get ‘take-out’ for later in the evening, or sample unusual food, you’ll find it at Oxbow. If you’d simply like to find a bottle of wine, dine on the river, or you’re looking for a cool shopping experience, Oxbow has you covered, and it’s all under one roof.

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