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Does the world have you on fast forward?  Stop…  It’s time to reconnect with yourself as a wild, curious, playful person.  Authentic Wine Country offers you the exhilaration of your choice.

Bicycling & the Pros

The largest cycling event in America, the Amgen Tour of CA, is a Tour de France-style race.  Santa Rosa is one of the few host cities, and this year Lance Armstrong is the driving force.  Come, enjoy, and be inspired!

Bicycling & You

Whether you’re an experienced rider dreaming of the rugged Coastal Range or a beginner toying with the idea of a casual inn-to-winery ride, we’ll put together an itinerary that suits your desires.  Discover why Bicycling Magazine named Sonoma County one of “The 7 Greatest Rides on Earth.”  Bikes are provided as well as route maps that meander through the abundant back roads.

Circus Arts

Fulfill your childhood dreams and get down to the serious fun of circus arts.  With the popularity of Cirque, many of us have a new respect and curiosity about circus arts.  Go for it!  With expert teachers, you can swing on the flying trapeze, bounce back on the trampoline, and amaze yourself as you learn juggling, unicycling and stilt walking.  Once you get started you’ll want to come back again.  It’s amazing how swinging in the air with confidence keeps you grounded in daily life.  Sheer magic.

The Call of the Wild

Safari with an expert guide through 400 acres in an open-air safari vehicle.  Sonoma slips away as you drive through what becomes the African Bush, filled with animals that roam and interact with freedom.  In wide-eyed wonder you’ll observe gazelle, giraffe, oryx, and African antelope.  Just over there you may spot a buffalo and zebra watering together.  Take another look… Is that a wildebeest?   Now, walk the rest of the preserve and you’ll come upon an extraordinary aviary and a few more wild animals.  Your safari experience can continue if you’d like Authentic Wine Country to arrange overnight accommodations on this savannah of Sonoma.

Hot Air Balloons

Get a bird’s eye view of life from the clouds.  Depending on the wind currents, you’ll see the Pacific, the Napa Valley, and sometimes buildings in San Francisco.  Closer to the ground, you’ll slip over grapevines and wildlife.  Many feel this is the ultimate in peace.  End your experience with a traditional champagne toast, brunch, or a romantic interlude.

Up in the Air

Do you want more high-flying adventures?  Slip on your helmet, climb up the wing of a vintage airplane, and get ready for a one-of-a kind experience.  Soar over vineyards and pastures.  Ask the pilot to make a few aerobatic movements if you feel daring!  How about spreading your wings in an authentic zeppelin?  Or, maybe you’d like a ropes course.  The sky is the limit!

The Land

Prefer staying on terra firma?  There are hundreds of hiking trails through Sonoma County.  Many take you past ancient places of Indian habitation, obsidian used for spears, sacred mounds, and power points.  This area has been populated for at least 10,000 years.  Keep your binoculars trained for wildlife and trek through shady redwoods and gentle glens.

The River

Paddling the Russian River is a magic time that awakens your sense of mystery and raucous joy.  (And bring your dog.  He loves to float, too!)  Play on rope swings that dot the river bank.  Soak up the beauty of birdlife—egrets, herons, osprey, kingfishers, ducks and owls await. And, yes, swimming holes still exist!  Authentic Wine Country will set you up with a guide, or choose to take the river on your own.  Quality River Time is an exceptional adventure.

The Ocean

For many of us, the ocean is the epitome of adventure and renewal.  In Sonoma’s waters you can cruise the bay, explore estuaries, meet seals on the lower Russian River,  go whale watching and tide pooling, or take lessons that will get you in the water:  Surfing, kayaking, diving.  We’ll put you together with the local experts.

Authentic Wine Country believes that experiencing wine country may be as much about the great outdoors, and pushing your boundaries, as it is about fine wine and exquisite food.  Choose your adventurous dream.  Let us take care of the details and you’ll always be in expert, caring hands.