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Plan on buying wine while you’re tasting at small family wineries, wines that can’t be purchased elsewhere?  Great idea.  But if you’re also into shopping for unique local items, the Napa Valley has it all.

If you love chocolate, we suggest Napa’s local chocolatier, Woodhouse Chocolate, located in the town of Napa.  There is plenty to experiment with here, perhaps enough to make you give up your favorite chocolates from candy bars to the extremely tart taste of deep, dark chocolate.   Imagine Woodhouse butterfly bars—oh, the milk chocolate!—with currants, almonds and Moroccan ras el hanout spice mix.  The toffee is pure heaven.  Every delicious bite is made right there in St. Helena.

Now, there’s also something to indulge your body and soul.  While in the town of Napa, stop at the Napa Valley Soap Company.  Pick up some Cabernet Soapignon for your friends.  The perfect gift from wine country!  (Mandarin blossom counter cleaner is lovely, too.)  Sheila Rockwood whips up her creations with a mind to the soils, scents and pleasures that are the Napa environment. Everything she makes is biodegradable. Shop away.

Another truly hidden gem is the Napa Valley Olive Oil Company.  Housed in a tumbley home with picnic tables in an overgrown yard, you may feel that you’ve stumbled into the wrong place for exquisite Napa Valley olive oil.  Walk inside, and what wonders you will find!  Wooden crates filled with a treasure-trove of Napa Valley Olive oil soaps and lotions.  The extra-virgin, cold-pressed oil itself is available by the quart or the jug.  Indescribable.  With salami hanging over your head, you may feel as if you never want to leave this home of delights.