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Rolling vineyards, olive trees, lavender fields, the luscious Russian River, the winemaker you meet at lunch with a hearty laugh and kind eyes.  It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen the photos, or if you have been to France, or if you live inside the wonder of California wine country her beauty will sneak up on you and take your breath away.  Some say the countryside strikes you like Cupid’s arrow.

Strange to speak of a geographic region and falling under the magic of love?  Not at all.
Walk down the streets of Napa town and sit at a café while the lazy Napa River meanders past.   Do some people watching.  A few country gentlemen are talking about big-time business deals, animated yet laid-back.  Three young women enjoy a getaway from their kids.  An older couple smiles into each other, and a young couple strokes each other’s hands, their future tumbling before them.  The Napa River has worked its magic.  Every diner feels the tug of wine country’s beauty, and it is reflected in their body language and their words.  No one wants to leave.

What shall you and your sweetheart do in wine country?  Get blissed out on extraordinary local food.  Wine tasting, absolutely.  Eat fresh goat cheese and dark chocolate.  Hike the golden hills.  Get into a hot-air balloon and soar above the vineyards and California oaks.  Take trapeze lessons in an Eden outside Sonoma town.  Walk the wild Pacific surf and watch it pound the cliffs along Bodega Bay’s magnificent cliffs, and eat fresh seafood.  Get a couple’s massage and immerse yourself in champagne and mineral baths.  Tour a historic wine cave.

Of course, you could go to Las Vegas, but that is not where Cupid resides.  Cupid’s soul resides in the heart of authentic wine country.  The rest is all make believe.  Let romance strike in California wine country!

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