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Authentic Wine Country believes that love must be celebrated in order to burn brightly.  Not only celebrated but appreciated with all the senses.  There is no finer place on earth to celebrate love than Sonoma County.

Regardless of the reason for your romantic celebration, Sonoma–a lush country that exudes abundance– is the perfect choice.  Are you planning a wedding?  Whether your ceremony includes 2 or 200 people, we have a few unique facilities that will make your guests feel welcome and warm at the wedding of your dreams.  A  Sonoma honeymoon is a natural.  Ride high on a balloon, then kick off your shoes and picnic on the Russian River, lying down in each other’s arms.  Perhaps you’re planning a commitment ceremony.  Sonoma welcomes you into her heart, rejoicing in your union by surprising you with a stunning sunset that splashes bright purples and orange across rolling vineyards.

Maybe it’s time for a getaway because your marriage could use a jump start.  Imagine a coastal retreat with the ocean rhythmically lapping the shores, nice wine, and a shared silence that urges you toward a renewed sense of partnership.   A Babymoon?  Why not?  If you’re expecting Sonoma County is the perfect place to go for a wild, romantic hurrah before you share your relationship with a new life.

Declare your love by inviting the richness of nature to be part of your union.  Authentic Wine Country works with a few choice lodgings, each specializing in weddings, honeymoons, rekindling love, or romantic weekend getaways.  We invite you to come to the land that is in love with love!