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Taking a honeymoon road trip is the stuff of dreams, doubly so when you’re driving the California back roads to wine and dine each other in wine country.

Destination wine travel has many routes, depending upon what you’re looking for.  Fresh local cuisine?  Small family wineries?  Intimate beaches or groves of redwoods, both are perfect for intimate picnics.  Here we offer a few good reasons to choose wine country for your ultimate honeymoon destination, because honestly, any road trip through wine country is the perfect start to a juicy marriage!

1)    Wine Country is in love with love.  You have only to look at the passion winemakers, chefs, artists, and farmers put into their work to understand the creative urge in wine country has deep roots.  Let yourself fall under the spell of that creative urge while you plan your lives together.

2)    Get out the map, and get off the freeways.  You need never get on Interstate 5 or Highway 101.  If coming through Big Sur and Montereywine country north, Highway 1 is your only choice.  And with the bright Pacific light sparkling to your west and the nurturing hills to your east, it is a glorious choice.   You may decide to make a turn out and picnic under a Monterey pine.  Watch the power of the Pacific tides.  Or, head east and enjoy food and wine in the Carmel Valley.  The choices are all up to you when you have your own wheels.  Take the time to dawdle.

3)    Head north on 19th Avenue through San Francisco.  Stop at the Golden Gate Park and feel the magic of the Japanese Tea Gardens.  The quiet will pull you together.

4)    Highway Exception One:  Stay on 19th Avenue until it becomes Highway 101 north.  Pull off to the right just before you cross the Golden Gate Bridge.  Hold hands and walk across the bridge.  Take photos of each other, and take photos of the barges and lovely sailing boats.  Feel a lover’s exhilaration.

5)    Get out your map.  Wind over the bridge and cross west to Highway 1.  Tool up the coast and you will have stepped back in time.  You may be the only people on the highway, other than a farmer’s truck carrying produce to market or a stray cow crossing the road.   Soon you’ll start seeing small family wineries.  Stop in.  Many of the smaller wineries are appointment only, but it doesn’t hurt to try!
From here we suggest taking Highway 12 east and making the circuitous drive on Occidental Rd. through redwoods. The town of Occidental itself is a lovely place to stop for a meal and a glass of wine.  Founded by Italians, mention to your host that you’re on a honeymoon.  Does anyone love amore more than Italians?  Probably not!

This is a grand, intimate way to experience an authentic wine country honeymoon.  Delight in each other.