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Anticipation… It’s part of the joy of travel.   Uncovering the wonders of an area, learning where to find small treasures and places that are worth exploring, and discovering how the past affects the present.  (Also wondering… How are over two billion bottles of wine produced in Northern California’s wine country every year!?)

For those who want to go beyond the surface and into the heart of wine country, we collect articles, interviews, and voices as a person would collect sea shells on the beach.

Dig into them, and see what sparks your imagination. You may hear the long-gone music of scoundrels, radicals, actresses, saints, writers, Californios, and the revolutionaries who passed through Sonoma County.  Beneath all that, you’ll hear the constant sound of creeks running and the wind riffling her buttered light over hills.

When you get a feel for what you want, we can help you build the tour of your dreams.  With your anticipation fueled, you’ll be ready for the journey of a lifetime.  An authentic wine country experience.