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Who doesn’t love a crisp refreshing glass of premier champagne?  Or if we are being proper, sparkling wine.  Only sparkling wine produced in the champagne region of France is allowed to be named champagne.  All others are simply sparkling wine.  Of course this is just industry semantics.  If we lay people want to call it champagne, well that’s just what we are going to do.

Champagne became a sought after celebratory drink for the French nobility who drank it when celebrating the crowning of a new king.  Champagne quickly spread throughout European countries as the drink of choice for the wealthy and noble families. Champagne producers were quick to associate themselves with the high and mighty and successfully worked to associate themselves with luxury events and celebrations.

In modern times, sparkling wine has become the drink of choice for many for its refreshing style.  Soda pop for adults with a serious kick. Women tend to flock to champagne tasting rooms in Napa in great giggling groups.  And who can blame them?  Champagne will only help to heighten the enjoyment of such fair ladies. Though we can’t leave men out of our discussion on champagne tasting, however they may protest to be labeled as a lover of bubbly.  Just recently I sat next to a table of 10 men who ordered 3 bottles of pink champagne and could have rivaled any group of women with their exuding giggles.

Why all the giggles? The pleasing bubbles help to carry the alcohol into our bloodstream at a more rapid rate so causes a quick trip from sober to pleasingly tipsy.  And who doesn’t want to feel a bit light-headed and happy?  It’s one reason we seek out champagne – it’s a quick a nd fun little buzz.  If you stop after one or two glasses, you’ll find yourself uplifted and won’t have to worry about a resulting headache.

In Napa, the highest concentration of limos carrying lovely ladies can be found outside one of the major champagne producers.  Each winery has ample parking for these stretch limos.  If you are in Napa on a Saturday and find yourself at a few champagne wineries, count the number of limos you spot at each one and be prepared to use all fingers and toes to tally!

So where to go for the best champagne in Napa? Below you’ll find the top 5 champagne producers in Napa Valley.

  • Mumm, Silverado Trail
  • Domain Chandon
  • Schramsburg, Calistoga
  • Domain Carneros
  • Gloria Ferrer

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Written by Authentic Wine Country’s Featured Travel Writer, Allie Lynch