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San Francisco’s Chocolate Factory

Ghirardelli Square, once a chocolate factory and a woolen mill, is the most attractive of San Francisco’s refurbished commercial buildings.  It is a blend of old, red-brick buildings, elegant shops and restaurants.

The shopping center still has the famous Ghirardelli trademark clock tower and the original bright electric sign.  Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufacturing on the plaza, beneath the tower, still has vintage chocolate-making machinery and sells Everything Chocolate, although the chocolate bars are now made in the East Bay, across from San Francisco.

Ghirardelli Square is a handy stop for chocolate and ice cream indulgence while you’re visiting Fisherman’s Wharf.  Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Heaven is at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf, so you are close to your redemption and your escape from the Wharf.   The historic Ghirardelli Square building is also right next to Aquatic Park.  (Peek inside and ramble around!)

And don’t forget your free sample.  Ghirardelli’s gives some good ones out to every single visitor!