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Sonoma County  is laid back, brilliant, gorgeous, mystical, steeped in history, and she knows how to laugh.  She is wine country with nothing to prove.  Following are the two main regions.  (Details and distinctive qualities are found under Wine Regions.)

Southern Sonoma County:  Sonoma Valley and Carneros.

Sonoma Valley boasts a rambunctious past and a delicious present.  Sip varietal wine in the late morning, enjoy cheese in the historic plaza, stroll Victorian shops and Vallejo’s home, take the mineral waters  at gracious spa hotels.  Wander through Jack London’s Wolf House Ruins—it is a wide-eyed wonder.  Peruse the Valley of the Moon.  Some of the finest, and oldest, California wineries are here.

Northern Sonoma County:  The Russian River, Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley, and Alexander Valley.

Luther Burbank, horticulturist and pal of Einstein, Henry Ford, and a few other luminaries, believed this part of California was paradise.  About Sonoma County, Burbank said, “This, as far as I can see, is the chosen spot of all the earth, as far as Nature is concerned.”  He planted his experimental gardens here, and the earth conspired with him to produce wonders.  There are more micro-climates in northern Sonoma County than any other wine-growing region. This creates a multitude of unique wines, produce, cheese, olive oil, bread, and scenery.

The Russian River appellation winds though redwoods and moist rolling hills, as the Russian River courses to Bodega Bay and the ocean.  Lovely Pinot Noirs dot the Russian River Valley as do Korbel’s vineyards. The Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys are miniature vignettes of the entire County.  Rich velvet cabernets love the Alexander Valley.  So do chardonnays.  Dry Creek Valley produces a subtle cabernet and tasty zinfandels.

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