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Wine Country.  The Perfect Venue for Custom Events and Groups

Wine country is one of the world’s premier locations for custom events and groups.  Planning a special event, group vacation or family reunion?  You’ve come to the right place.  And, regardless of where you live, wine country is easily accessible by air or auto.

  • Custom Event Planning

    Authentic Wine Country is your Destination Management specialist. Because of our location, Authentic Wine Country has a decided edge in custom event planning.  We arrange accommodations, transportation, recreation and entertainment.  We can design all the elements you need for small events, corporate clients, or memorable weddings.  And, if you’d like food and wine to be part of your event, your group will enjoy a vibrant community of fine chefs, fresh foods, and a deep love of the land. With attention to detail, our wonderful wine country is the palette we use to create exactly the event that you need and want.

  • Group & Family Travel

    If you want to enjoy your families and friends together, a group wine vacation is the perfect option. Learn to cook with a chef and a winemaker at a winery. Travel through farms and vineyards, and pick the food you’ll eat that afternoon. Take a hot-air balloon ride together. Enjoy exclusive food and wine pairings. Visit ranches and learn how to make cheese at a dairy farm. Incredible, hands-on experiences are yours when you get a group together of 6 – 20 together!

    A few sample group options:

    Culinary Group Adventure | Exclusive Wine Estate Dinner

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The possibilities are endless and we have the resources and imagination to make any event extraordinary!