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If you’re on a tasting tour of CA, and you love bubbly, head to Carneros and take a tour of Gloria Ferrer.  If you love redwoods and the Russian River, tour Korbel.  The two experiences are quite different, and both are excellent. We also love J champagne, but really?  Is there a CA champagne that is less than sublime?  We think not!

When you’re on your CA tasting tour, we thought you might like to know a few bubbly bits of info about the wine we all love so well.

1)    Have you ever felt as if champagne got you loopy a little more quickly than other wine?  Well, you’re right, it does, and it is because of those wonderful bubbles.  Those bubbles, created by the carbonation or CO2, make the alcohol hit your bloodstream more quickly.  Wines without bubbles stay in your system longer, but champagne enters your small intestines faster.  And straight to your head it goes.  Oh happy feeling!

2)    What about champagne glasses?  A few of us miss the old-fashioned kind with the wide rims and slender stems.  They were so very elegant… But the tall flutes you’ll use on your CA wine tasting tours, and then possibly want for your home, keep your champagne bubbling longer.  Some very fine flutes are etched at the bottom to keep those bubbles forming.  Whichever glasses you prefer, use them.  Champagne is not Scotch, and people rarely nurse a glass of champagne long enough to make a great difference in the quantity of bubbles.  Champagne is a total sensory experience, so buy glasses that feel great when you hold them, and better when you drink from them!

3)    Smile.  Every day is cause for celebration.   More than 80% of CA sparkling wine sales happen during the holiday season between November and January.  Oh, missed opportunity!  Broaden your spirit of fun, and drink champagne on an ordinary August or April day.  Champagne goes well with most meals, particularly those you might want to accompany with a California chardonnay.   Any champers leftover?  Purchase a champagne stopper and finish off the wine in a few days.  It will be just as wonderful then.

Again, authentic wine country tosses out the rules, because… it’s all about the joy!