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Go, ahead, follow your heart and indulge in a lush California Wine Tour in Napa for your honeymoon.  After all, how many honeymoons are you going to have?   (If this is your third or fourth honeymoon, ignore that last comment. Love is love, and all is great in wine country!)  Do you only have a long weekend to spend in the wine country?  There is plenty to do,plenty of time to relax to be pampered. Time to enjoy each other. Head to Yountville, home of gorgeous scenery and the heart of Napa’s historic wine country. 

George Yount was quite a character and lived as a frontiersman, mountain man and trapper. When it was clear that the wilderness and fur trade were being eaten up by civilization, in the 1830s, he headed to Sonoma.  With the help of General Vallejo’s land grant, Yount was Napa’s first permanent Anglo resident.

First of all, Yountville is a paradise for food lovers.  This is home of the renowned restaurant the French Laundry(make reservations as soon as she says, I do!) and juicy, experimental cuisine that is popping up all over Napa’s wine country.  Basically, there is not one bad choice out there! 

Head to the northern wineries for hearty red wines,and the southern wineries for light wines.  Splurge on a limo for a stolen kiss and toast to love through wine country.  In Yountville, get on foot and discover the areas that are much the same as when George Yountville first created his dream town in the 1830s of Napa, complete with wooden sidewalks and a fun walk back into history.

Napa’s wine country is about much more than wine.  It is about connecting, the land, roots,pleasure, and the amazing scenery.  Most of all, it is about letting the good times roll with a hearty bow to love.  With so much in one small area, it’s the perfect place for a long-weekend honeymoon in Authentic Wine Country.