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Caleb lives in a constant state of awe over the food in Sonoma County and volunteers to eat all leftovers.

Caleb is our personal tour guide and Wine Country Know-it-all.  (We tease him about knowing which particular vineyards are oldest, saying he was probably there when they were planted.  Loving a good story, he heartily agrees and delights in talking about those first families.)

Caleb has written for National Geographic, the Smithsonian, published 22 books, sold 7 screenplays, and numerous travel articles and guides.  His love of Jack London and MFK Fischer first brought him to Sonoma Country.  Since he joined AWC, he has created custom historic, sacred sites, hiking, and Native American tours. (Writing workshops are in the works.)  And, of course, there are always the produce stands, small farms, and special diners on the back roads to these magic places…